YouTube Shorts Monetization: A Journey into Hidden Profits in 2023

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Did you know that YouTube has recently added monetization rules for its shorts as well? With this action, the opportunity to receive income has been expanded. This article is about to reveal the secrets of YouTube Shorts monetization.

Wait, since they are linked together, mastering the rules of YouTube monetization is the prerequisite of YouTube monetization shorts. Do you know them? If don’t, please make sure to read it.

But how exactly can you turn those quick clips into cold hard cash? grab your popcorn and get ready to learn how to cash in on these captivating videos!

How Does YouTube Shorts Monetization Work?

Starting from February 1, 2023, many creators on YouTube can now make money from their short videos called ‘YouTube Shorts’. YouTube will check on your eligibility to start unlocking all the hidden gems of YouTube shorts. The process starts with accepting a few policies like policies on repetitious and reused content, including:

  • YouTube’s Community Guidelines, 
  • Terms of Service, Copyright, 
  • Google AdSense Program Policies.

Note: Influencers must be aware that YouTube Shorts monetization will only be applicable to views received after they have accepted the new terms. Unfortunately, previous Shorts views will not generate any income.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Rules

Talking about YouTube shorts’ monetization requirements, you need to know what YouTube Partner Program (YPP) wants from you. The very first step is having an eligible channel that meets YouTube’s Partner Program guidelines.

Achieving 10 million views in 3 months for shorts requires significant effort. But there is another option too. You can gain 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours on long-form videos. Target one of these goals to be a part of YPP.

youtube shorts monetization requirements
How To Be Eligible For YouTube Monetization

The next step involves adhering to copyright regulations and being cautious of any unsuitable content material.

Does YouTube Shorts Watch Time Count for Monetization?

Remember we’ve talked about YouTubers’ income per view or subscribers in ‘How Much Do YouTubers Make’? Here we will answer the same questions regarding YouTube shorts monetization, like ‘Do YouTube shorts views count for monetization’ or subscribers are more important? Let’s see…

Considering the brevity of YouTube Shorts, it should be noted that watch time does not contribute to monetization. The primary focus is on views. Views on shorts exclusively receive ad revenue sharing from the Shorts feed, which is separate from monetization on the watch page for long-form videos.

However, watch time does play a role when it comes to achieving the required 4,000 hours from your main feed, which is necessary to unlock monetization for YouTube Shorts. And subscribers have the least impact, maybe even 500 subs works!

Creators can track their Shorts earnings and performance through YouTube Studio Analytics. Moreover, there are YouTube shorts monetization calculators that easily estimate the income you will have from YouTube shorts. 

How Much Do YouTube Shorts Ads Pay?

In our quest to unravel the mysteries of YouTube Shorts monetization, it’s crucial to understand the YouTube payment method. 

Initially, the revenue generated from the ads that appear between Shorts in the YouTube Shorts feed will be collectively accumulated. After that, a certain portion of the overall revenue will be assigned to a ‘creator pool’ according to the number of views and the usage of music in all viewed Shorts.

According to YT support, the revenue from the Creator Pool will be distributed among eligible creators in accordance with their share of total views. Monetizing creators will be entitled to retain 45% of the revenue allocated to their Shorts. 

Also, this new model appreciates the contributions made by creators to the overall Shorts experience, rather than solely focusing on videos accompanied by ads.

But influencers are able to benefit in many other ways…

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Monetizing Shorts can be challenging, but it presents an opportunity for creators to earn income through advertising. More clarification for those who are still confused:

1. How to Turn on YouTube Shorts Monetization?

Turning YT shorts monetization is easy. Accepting the terms of YT shorts will start monetization. In order to do so, you can select ‘Get started’ under ‘Shorts feed ads’ to accept the terms before it’s too late.

2. Can I Monetize My YouTube Shorts?

Monetizing your own YouTube shorts will be possible under significant circumstances. By reaching 1000 subscribers with 10M views in 90 days; or 4,000 valid public watch hours on long-form videos you can start monetizing your channel.

3. How Much Money Are 1,000 Views on YouTube Shorts?

It’s not possible to answer this question with an exact number. It varies from $1 to $20 due to YouTube rules. For instance, your region and the content you’re producing have a great impact on your earnings.


Delving into YouTube Shorts monetization has proven to be a hidden treasure for those influencers who seek new options. In this article, we’ve discussed YouTube monetization rules and payment methods.

Influencers must seize the opportunity of YouTube’s new updates because it’s a new way to stay above others. Short videos are easier to record and publish so you can have more than 1 in a day.  Let’s embark on this euphoric adventure and please let us know about your experience.

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