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Are you active on the current most popular social media platforms? Do you need help managing and optimizing each account? Perfect! You’re at the right spot! SocialBee is here to cover the whole process for you.

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media management tool that simultaneously handles multiple tasks. You can manage, create, schedule, and publish your content on social platforms effortlessly. Similar to other AI tools, it assists and greatly speeds up your process!

Stay with us in this article to check the SocialBee reviews, including its features, pricing, pros and cons, and lots more, to get a deep knowledge of this software tool.

What Is Social Bee

Sometimes, it gets difficult for us to control several social media profiles, stay up to date, and keep our consistency. We need assistance managing, creating, uploading, and even analyzing our accounts.

Thanks to SocialBee, we have our assistant tool! This social media scheduling and publishing tool helps you manipulate your work easily.

SocialBee Homepage: Visible every day, even when you're away!
SocialBee Landing Page

So, it is a social media management software tool designed to create, plan, and publish content for each platform. You can use this program to collaborate with your team, engage with your audience, and increase your presence on social media platforms.

Also, you can analyze your performance for better results. With SocialBee social media tool, you can enhance your digital marketing career and grow your business.

Let’s dive deeper and examine SocialBee reviews thoroughly.

SocialBee Review

SocialBee has a comprehensive service with numerous features to optimize your profiles on social media websites and applications.

SocialBee Social Media Integrations

It focuses on and covers specific platforms for management and publishment, including:

You can use this tool to manage and optimize several profiles on the platforms above.

SocialBee Uses and Platform Integrations
SocialBee Integrations

SocialBee features

SocialBee has features that allow you to build and manage the entire process. With SocialBee, you can:

  • Manage several profiles,
  • Collaborate for teamwork,
  • Create content using AI,
  • Categorize content,
  • Upload a variety of posts,
  • Edit multiple posts,
  • Customize content,
  • Use a collection of Emojis,
  • Generate hashtags,
  • Preview content before uploading,
  • Make your links short,
  • Upload image alt text,
  • Schedule first comments,
  • Use Canva for designs,
  • Fully edit content,
  • Create custom thumbnails,
  • LinkedIn previews.

Above are the primary features of this professional tool, where you can benefit from and do multiple tasks simultaneously.

However, it is not limited to these. This social media management software offers other services that might be helpful for users.

SocialBee Concierge Services

On the landing page, you can find a concierge services tab at the top of the page. This tab has a dropdown menu with services such as:

  • Social Media Specialist,
  • Guide Creation,
  • Video First Specialist,
  • Article Writing,
  • Copywriting,
  • Content Machine,
  • Community Management,
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation,
  • Ads Management,
  • White Label.

You can use the concierge service to take advantage of several benefits. You can hire a social media or video-first specialist to post consistently at the right time on social media.

For instance, a social media specialist knows when is the best time to post on TikTok or the best time to post on Instagram.

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In addition, you can use guide creation, article writing, copywriting, and content machine services to create proper content for your business. These SEO content writing services help you enhance your visibility.

The community management is only available for Instagram. You can use the IG community management service to engage with your audience and keep them happy and loyal to your brand. Through this, you can quickly grow your follower base.

If you’re a LinkedIn user, LinkedIn Lead Generation is an ideal option for you to pick. You can use this feature to grow your LinkedIn network and drive considerable leads to your brand.

Furthermore, SocialBee offers Ads management where you can manage your advertisements and paid ads with a team of experts. Like a paid media agency, you can run successful ad campaigns and increase brand awareness.

And you can offer customized solutions to your customers using the White Label service.

SocialBee Tool Integrations

Previously, we mentioned what platforms does SocialBee support for management. Here, we will name some tools it uses to improve your work and maximize results.

Integration Tools of SocialBee
SocialBee Useful Tools
  • Canva: A tool for creating and designing,
  • Switchy: A URL shortener tool,
  • Unsplash: A stock photography platform where you can find suitable and proper images for your social media content,
  • RocketLink: A URL editor and shortener,
  • GIPHY: An animated content or GIFs collection tool,
  • Quuu: A tool to curate your content,
  • Zapier: A task automation tool,
  • Pocket: A content curator platform,
  • Pabbly: A task automation tool,
  • BL.INK: A URL shortener and link management tool,
  • Bitly: A URL shortener,
  • JotURL: A tool to shorten URLs,
  • Rebrandly: A tool to customize, shorten, and track URLs,
  • Buffer: A content publisher platform,
  • Replug: A tool to shorten and optimize URLs,
  • Hootsuite: A content publisher platform,
  • PixelMe: A URL shortener software.

Use these tools, applications, or platforms to simplify your work and enhance social media content. This application integrates with the above programs to boost your business.

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SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee offers various services with different packages and plans. Each plan has a specific price with unique facilities.

Now, before heading to the pricing, this software tool offers two main plans to select for better service provision. You can choose Standard Plans or Agency Plans to receive the appropriate offerings you require.

1. Standard Plans

If you’re a businessman/businesswoman or have a small organization, Standard Plan can be ideal for you.

Pricing for small businesses and solopreneurs:

  • Bootstrap Plan (Best for solopreneurs)
    • Monthly Billing = $29/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) =  $24/per month
  • Accelerate Plan (Best for small businesses)
    • Monthly Billing = $49/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) = $40/per month
  • Pro Billing (Best for agencies)
    • Monthly Billing = $99/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) = $82/ per month

2. Agency Plans

Whether you’re a small agency or a massive company, you can trust SocialBee Agency Plan to have perfect media management services.

Pricing for agencies:

  • Pro50 Plan (small agencies)
    • Monthly Billing = $179/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) = $149/per month
  • Pro100 Plan (medium agencies)
    • Monthly Billing = $329/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) = $274/per month
  • Pro150 Plan (large agencies)
    • Monthly Billing = $449/per month
    • Yearly Billing (Save 16%) = $374/per month

By referring to, you can see and compare the difference across each plan.

In addition, you can benefit from a 14-day free trial to get familiar with the management tool.

3. Concierge Services Plans

SocialBee’s concierge services are separate from the plans above. You should find what service suits you best and approach each for purchase.

Pricing for concierge services:

  • Social Media Specialist Service Tiers
    • Light = $129
    • Standard = $199
    • Plus = $299
  • Video First Specialist Service Tiers
    • Light = $199
    • Standard = $299
    • Plus  = $399
  • Article Writing Service Tiers
    • Light = $499 (weekly) – $129 (monthly)
    • Standard = $649 (weekly) – $199 (monthly)
    • Plus = $799 (weekly) – $299 (monthly)
  • Copywriting Service Tiers
    • Product Descriptions = $129
    • Email Copywriting = $199
    • Web Copywriting = $299
  • Guide Creation Service Tier
    • $499
  • Content Machine Service Tiers
    • Light = $1299
    • Standard = $1599
    • Plus = $1999
  • IG Community Management Service Tiers
    • Light = $129
    • Standard = $199
    • Plus = $299
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Tiers
    • Light = $129
    • Standard = $199
    • Plus = $299
  • Ads Management Service Tiers
    • Light = $299
    • Standard = $449
    • Plus = $649
    • Custom = contact for pricing

SocialBee social media tool offers various services like advertisement, management, and content production.

However, the prices are high, and you require a sufficient budget.

SocialBee Login Guide

Follow these simple steps to log in on SocialBee and start your career. But, before moving forward to the login page, you should sign up on this application to have an account.

To log in to SocialBee, you should first open In the top right corner, you can see a green Sign Up / Login tab. Click this button, and you will redirect to the SocialBee log-in page.

On the SocialBee login page, you can see an email address and a password box you should fill in with your account details to sign in.

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Jump to this part to get answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

1. What Is SocialBee?

SocialBee is a software tool designed to manage and optimize multiple social media accounts simultaneously. This application plans a schedule, creates content, publishes posts, and analyzes metrics.

Furthermore, it offers countless services to enhance your social media presence and visibility.

2. What Are The Benefits of Using SocialBee?

You can benefit from numerous features using a social media management tool like SocialBee, including:

  • Track performance and analyze your accounts,
  • Create useful and relevant content,
  • Multi-tasking,
  • Save time,
  • Have a management dashboard,
  • Schedule automatic publishment,
  • Interact with the audience using engagement tools,
  • Collaborate with several teams,
  • Achieve better results,
  • Keep up your consistency.

Surely, there are more advantages you can have that are not mentioned above because each management software tool has different services and offerings.

3. What Is The Difference Between SocialBee and Hootsuite?

SocialBee vs. Hootsuite is a competitive battle, but SocialBee always comes out on top. Let’s break down these two tools and compare them to find out why SB is better.

SocialBee is easier to use and has more options for users than Hootsuite. It is ideal for small businesses to start their management with the application.

Also, it meets users’ requirements, has better support quality and customer service, and has gained excellent outcomes.

In addition, you can benefit from a 14-day free trial for the start. This software also allows you to cancel anytime, money returns within 30 days, and no credit card is required.

However, you should know that Hootsuite boasts specific advantages too, including more control over social platforms, better for large enterprises and companies, and deep knowledge in management.

Generally, they’re both good software tools, but full reviews show that SocialBee is one step ahead.

4. What Are The Features of SocialBee on Instagram?

SocialBee Instagram is one of the top options for this management tool. You can schedule posts, stories, carousels, reels, and videos on Instagram and leave it to the software tool for publishing.

Once scheduled, this application automates uploading and reusing content again for more engagement. It is an excellent platform to control and manage multiple tasks on Instagram.

5. Does SocialBee Have Refunds?

Yes, Social Bee allows you to cancel at any time and the payment will be refunded to your account within 30 days.


So, when you can’t control and manage various social media accounts, you can trust a management software tool like SocialBee and let them do the job.

SocialBee covers everything from content creation, scheduling, publishment, and management. You should worry about nothing when this comprehensive tool is in charge. It optimizes the whole process to keep your business developing.

In addition, you can analyze your accounts’ performances or use some of the integration tools this application offers.

Moreover, it offers many concierge services that help build your profile and boost digital marketing. Start working with this application to save time and make the process easier!

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